The House Of Haunts

"Bringing Life Back To Figures And Figures Back To Life"


Continually Searching and Continually finding.

The question most asked of me is how or why do I own so many figures?

My answer is simple. I don't own even one.

The next question is where did I find so many?

 Some I find and some find me.

My answers may seem strange but they are not. You see, I consider myself to be merely the care giver. Taking care of them in this lifetime of mine in hopes of securing their safety for the next generations to come.

The figures I seek are the ones that have that something extra. The thing that you can't describe but you kow its there when you see it.

Some of my cast...Well Most of my cast are considered creepy, strange, and even weird to most because they are vintage and they have the energy of performance.  They are all Stars itching to shine again. Total attention hogs and they do seem to light up whenever a camera is near.

Welcome To My World And

Welcome To The Stories, History and Live's of the Figures of

"The House Of Haunts!"